Howdy, my name is Hannah. I'm 17 years old and from England. I wish to travel across the world during my life. I adore Benedict Cumberbatch. Most posts are queued.

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Once I get on a computer I will change the questions post to a read more post, sorry it’s so long!


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1. Last book you read?

The last complete book I read was actually a play called Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, but I am currently reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and I have several other books to read during the summer holidays.

2. Favourite band/singer?

I do not have a particular favourite band/singer, but I currently enjoy listening to Two Door Cinema Club, Ed Sheeran, The xx, Noah and The Whale, Keaton Henson, Bastille, Haim and Coldplay (amongst several other bands).

3. Any nicknames?

My dad calls me ‘trouble’, but apart from that I do not have none and prefer to be called Hannah.

4. Best friend’s name(s)?

I have two best friends, who are truly the greatest, and they are called Lily (chordatacorvidae) and Rose (diddifeet).

5. One food you hate?

I hate toffee.

6. Piercings/tattoos you have or want?

I only have my ears pierced, and I do not think I would like any more piercings. I do not want any tattoos.

7. Do you have any traditions personal to you?

I can’t think of any at the moment if I do have any…

8. Ever broken a bone?

I have broken both of my elbows, luckily not at the same time.

9. Do you have any weird habits?

I’m not sure if this is weird but I always eat the crust off food first, such as pizza, toast and quiche.

10. Last time you told someone you loved them and meant it?

I honestly can’t remember a time where I’ve told someone I loved them.

11. Favourite past time?

Meeting with friends and generally just relaxing and talking for hours with them.

My questions:
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4. Least favourite colour?

5. One food you hate?

6. Favourite song at the moment?

7. Do you have any plans for today/tonight/tomorrow?

8. Ever broken a bone?

9. Best shampoo you’ve ever used?

10. Favourite part of your body?

11. Favourite past time? 
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Bones are pretty cool too.